Challenge Set!

Welcome to the Frugal Fowler Project, an adventure (and challenge!) of healing and saving. We have 365 days to lower our debt and increase our savings. The goal is to remain focused and determined through the emotional highs and lows of losing a loved one as we navigate a path of financial strategies that will hopefully rebuild our nest egg. Admittedly, there will be some embarrassment up front, something comparable to stepping on a scale in front of millions of people, but my husband, Brent and I, are ready and willing to put it all out there so that we can learn from our mistakes, track what works and what doesn’t, in hopes to refresh and renew positive spending and saving habits, both individually and as a family. In the end we hope to have a story to share with our girls perhaps to help them learn from our mistakes; and for me I want to look back at 2013 not only as the year my father died but as the year that he inspired me to do something great for the most important people in my life. As I write this I realize I have set the bar pretty high and sure it sounds like a lot, and quite honestly it’s terrifying! But if uh, er… when, we are successful we hope to look back and say “it was totally worth it.”

Wish us luck!