The Freeze

As one can expect (and we should have) the anticipation leading to the momentous “First Day” has been nothing less than stressful. Last night we sat down and mapped out exactly where we started and what we can expect our bank account to look like projecting and accounting for each purchase in the coming weeks. Admittedly, in my every attempt to track the highs and lows of this process, we had our first Frugal Fowler Fight (well, more of a tiff if you will) about the projections. I wanted to account and see every dollar in real time, no rounding and Brent was looking for the overall projection with what our outcome would be at the end of the month. Nonetheless, with respect to what we are setting out to do for the better of our family, my loving husband (who really didn’t agree but was done with listening to my banter) created a calendar that outlined all of the projected calculations. If we are successful and the projections are correct we will have an increase of 200$ at the end of the month. (Debt calculations and percentages are still being calculated. I will update the financial page in more detail when we have this all in place).

March Goals:
After careful review of our expenses and spending habits, we realize that not only do we need to challenge ourselves but there are some big changes that need to be made overall. For us, confronting these bad habits is done best, head on. So to get the most out of what we are trying to do and to really set challenge to ourselves we have implemented a Spending Freeze for the entire month of March. For the full 31 days not only are we limited to a tight budget but we have implemented a ZERO frivolous spending rule.

Bottom Line: If it’s not written, you’re not gettin’!

And yes, to those who know me best, I am well aware of what this does to my caffeine, chocolate, and wine intake; all are knowingly being sacrificed for the better of the good, or so I am told.



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