Packing a Picnic

I have quickly learned that forward thinking is the best way to be proactive, this really isn’t any surprise but I’ve also learned it is rather a lot of effort. Yesterday was a great example of this. We set out to go Prom dress shopping with my 18-year-old cousin, my girlfriend and her daughter, my (almost) four-year old and my 19 month old. Knowing we would be out through the bulk of the day I packed an abundance of both healthy and unhealthy snacks as well as a lunch and drinks for all of us. Now before anyone gets up and up about me intentionally bringing “unhealthy” snacks on this adventure; these consisted of fruit snacks and cheese sandwich crackers and furthermore let me just say, you will do whatever you have to do in the moments of meltdown standing in the middle of an urban mall on a Saturday and while on a budget freeze Old McDonald and ice cream bribes are null and void. I digress. My planning efforts allowed me to really evaluate the plan before leaving the house. Why is it when we know we are going out and have a ton to do that once we get out we “surprise ourselves” with the “oh, I’m hungry.” “Wow, it’s lunchtime already”  and then there’s the blame it on the children excuse “yeah, the kids really need to eat, let’s just stop and grab them something” $20.00 later (at the minimum) you feel gross, have typically zero nutrition and usually are in a food-coma so you just wind up going home. Does this make any sense??? Why did we ever do this?

At the end of our adventure, we went to three malls, were gone for about 4.5 hours and didn’t spend a single cent!

New Tip: For weekend shopping and outings, pack a lunch for the car, park, or eat outside in a courtyard on nice days and then go into the mall or store and take advantage of a samples. The girls got great FREE frozen yogurt samples. They were yummy and the perfect size for the munchkins; and did I mention FREE?!



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