My love for diamonds…

I’m more exhausted after a weekend of NOT spending money then most weekends when I do. For weeks I have not been able to shut my mind off so needless to say sleeping as been on the bottom of my well-prioritized checklist.

I suppose there is no better time than the present to  bring out the true force behind this project, my Dad. He was a man with a lasting impression. No one EVER forgot him. He is the reason I love diamonds, baseball ones even more than the traditional. He taught me that you just keep your head down, stay focused, and work hard. It’ll pay off. Admittedly, he wasn’t always right he made his share of mistakes, but he owned them and learned from them; and in the instance of working hard and moving forward, he was right. He taught me all I know about money, and let it be said, he is the reason I am (let’s call it what it is) …cheap. On the flip side, he was also the first to find pleasure in the small things. He never worked on his birthday, loved free coffee, and he would use every last penny he had to spend a day making memories with his family. Things weren’t always easy, but as a child, I never knew the difference.

I guess in the end, we set out to do things just above. Make things that much easier for our own family. I don’t want to supercede him, or my mom, but I do want to take the principles and drive he instilled in me to max. I can see him on the other side of this conversation, saying “yup, you do it better than I did; and your kids will do it better than you. Just keep working hard. The sun’ll come up.”

I miss him.


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