March “Madz”ness

Admittedly, we haven’t had much of an issue not eating out. Granted, this is only day 7.. hmm  well, and there was that one moment when I desperately wanted Starbux but keeping my integrity, and my word, I opted for the free k-cup at the bank to soothe my craving instead. None of this is important because again, so far, Day 7=success!

Anyhow, with the first week behind us I can feel the tension in my shoulders and my level of anxiety slowly starting to rise as this weekend rapidly approaches. For many, including Brent, March is about basketball and we are bball people, but more-so in the Fowler Family, March is all about Miss Madilyn Ruth. And in a few days on March 10th, Madz will be having her 4th birthday and birthday party. As fun as this is, it’s also problematic because anyone who knows me knows how I am with party planning, especially for the ladies I love. Now, let’s be realistic as to who the writer here is, you can rest assured I’m not talking MTV’s my Super Sweet 16 or anything. I have zero desire to compensate money for love however, I do love creating memories for my girls and watching them light up with glee at all the themed decorations and exude pure joy and excitement of their very own party makes me all sorts of warm and fuzzy. I want them to look back on their baby albums (note to self: fill baby albums) and see these fun memories come to life.

This year Madilyn, with a little help from me and a LOT of time-hers, not mine- on Pinterest, has decided on a pink owl themed party. Of course, as with everything else, we set the budget on March 1. I’ve got $40 total for all things party related; including food, gift, misc items and should the retail-gods be willing…pink owl Pajamas. I don’t quite know how I’m going to do this, and lord knows if I’m going to break my own challenge it would be much more acceptable (in my mind) to do if it were for my little girl’s birthday;  but again, I have my integrity, my word, and my commitment to this project on the line so as much as I hate sewing I think I foresee some homemade crafts in my very immediate future.


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