Party success!

Let me begin with, I’ve never wanted to splurge on Iced Coffee more than in this very moment. I’m exhausted!!! No need to worry though, I am snuggled on the couch with a headcold going absolutely nowhere.

Regardless of how I feel in the moment, I am happy to report that Madz’ 4th birthday NightOwl (pretend) Sleepover party was an absolute success; and even more importantly I DID IT ON BUDGET! The kids and grown-ups had a great time, we had plenty of food, and decor was a huge hit. I’ll spare all the details and get down to brass tax, here’s how I saved money this year and plan to do so in the future…

Welcome to the party! This handmade wreath was made from the recycled baby clothes left over from the owl favors (also below)


$30.00 on Food and Decor: This was divided up with $10.00 at the Dollar Tree purchasing scaled down slumber party snacks (i.e. pretzels, chex mix, frozen berries, etc), paper and plastic utensils, a bday card, felt, and the round piece for the wreath.  I spent $8.00 on the owl sheet set I found on clearance; this was also a great find because the kiddo needed new sheets. The other $10.00 was spent at the grocery store. I had to do some reviewing of what sales were going on and pair up my coupons with said discounts but I was able to get yogurt (for the smoothie bar) bananas, mini franks with croissants, ice cream, and baby carrots.

$9.00 on her gift, Owl PJs for her to wear during her party.

This left me with $3.00 which was a good thing because I forgot baking soda and desperately needed air in my tire!!


For favors, I took old baby clothes, no longer of sizes for either child, as well as an old pillow (against my husband’s better judgement) and went to town. I am not a huge fan of sewing so I was hesitant to go buy fabric and batting because truth be told, I didn’t know if I had it in me to even finish. Thankfully, I did though because “Owl Adoption” was a huge hit!Image

As happy as I am with the owls, I think my favorite “resourced” piece was the Happy Birthday sign. I took the napkins (already folded into fours) cut each square individually, taped them together, and taped a cut up index card to make the Happy Birthday banner. It doesn’t sound like much but I was really happy with how it came out.


…and because this day is to celebrate my baby girl, as mama, I love going down memory lane; so I used some of my favorite pictures of her to decorate the rest of the house here and there. It’s a great way to get those pictures out of the albums for a while and share some favorite stories about the guest of honor.


Let them eat cake…


I understand that some people go all out and spend beaucoup bucks on  baked goods but let me say that a good recipe can not only save money but be tons of memories in the making. I may not make the most beautiful cakes but I have a blast doing it and I (usually) always have the ingredients on hand to do so. No powder sugared icing here. In addition to being a cheapskate, (oh, sorry…frugal minded), I’m also a big proponent of getting the kids in the kitchen. Perhaps my favorite memory of this birthday was when Madz and I were making her cake and she said “mommy, you make the best cakes.” Needless to say, I melted. What a super big, and sweet, 4-year old!



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