The Black Friday Effect

Here’s the million dollar question, why is money so stressful?

Everything about even a single dollar bill; anything related to one’s finances, to me, is stressful and quite frankly, downright exhausting. Whether it’s earning it, having it, not having it, wondering when and how you will get it, even spending it…stress. stress. and more stress. I could never be the type of person to not pay any mind to the amount coming in and the amount going out. I remember growing up being taught, you never buy the first thing you see. Perhaps this is where it started?

Shopping for me is a task. I do not find joy in it :::shocking, I know:::: (see photo above). Instead, I spend more time anxiously seeking out an even better deal, because even if that one looks “pretty good” the fear of coming across something better and then having to come back and go through the return process…oi. BUT on the other hand, if I don’t get it, and then never find a better deal and I come all the way back…what if then, this is gone??? Not to mention the process of coming all the way back when I have all these other place to go. Oi VEY! These are the thoughts that rapidly play out in my mind as I look between the footie pajamas, the Pampers, and the Ben & Jerry’s, literally in a matter of seconds; and realistically I have two children toting them from one store to another-well, that’s just as daunting as sticker shock. Scientifically speaking, this is what I like to refer to as the Black Friday effect.

Black Friday; a manufactured holiday giving Americans an open-invitation to aggressively seek out products at moderate discounts exhibiting little to no self-respect or courteous discourse for shopping etiquette after the most empowering day of thanks and gratitude to which we base the foundation of our country. Yes, I have taken part. However, admittedly I am far too impatient to deal with massive lines. I did so one year for a diaper discount and I am ALL SET for ever doing that again. I do have my own BF ritual but will save that for a later post. The point here, Black Friday is all about getting the best deal. If you have your ducks in a row you can map out a plan because stores published their ads well in advance. Consumers know that this route almost guarantees that they will get the best deal. Unfortunately for everyday purchases, this can be done, but not very easily. Today, just calling around trying to find the best place to get my tires switched made me irritable. The whole world of competitive pricing is just pure evil for the consumer, well for this consumer. Of course, there are price matching opportunities and things I plan to explore in this little venture but I don’t foresee my little correlation of any money related issue leading to existential anxiety, subsiding. Interject Brent here saying, “you need to stop being so negative” he’s probably right…after all I am on a mission.


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