Making Memories


As I have mentioned, a few times, we are going on vacation. Tomorrow the girl’s and I will hit the road for what is expected to be an interesting and memorable road trip. DisneyWorld here we come! Of course the girls have visions of Minney in their eyes and I have dollar signs. We have known for a significant amount of time that this vacay was going to happen and we committed months ago so we have had to think long and hard about our best way to save and  we have been very strategic in our planning.

Over the past few months, we had been setting money aside here and there in preparation but admittedly we had hoped that we could rely on that oh-so-important tax return to help us cover any last minute expenses and give us enough room to enjoy this trip without stress. Alas, things aren’t always what they seem or what you expect them to be and this was one of those lessons we all know- but sometimes secretly go against- don’t count your chickens before they hatch…or in our case, don’t count on or expect money until you have it hand. As I have also mentioned in past posts, we have the best family for multiple reasons, but truth be told they have been instrumental in the planning of this trip. Still there are costs associated with everything and for Brent and I backing out of the trip wasn’t an option. First, because this may be the only opportunity for a family vacay with Grammy Karen this year and second, because this was something we see as important in the “Making Memories” chapter of our girl’s lives. Yes, absolutely, I completely agree that you do not need to spend money or go extravagant places to make memories. However if the opportunity presents itself to be able to give these memories to your children who wouldn’t take advantage of it? We knew it would be a stretch and when we realized it would be a big stretch the idea of scrapping the trip didn’t even come up. Instead it was, “okay what are we going to do to make this work? We have this much, we need this much.” I took on a couple extra days in the world of part-time retail and we also both decided to make a big sacrifice. It wasn’t a “you give up something, I give up something” kind of conversation but more of a “I’d rather do this for the girls” So, I sold a gift Brent gave me for Christmas and Brent (willingly and actually in all his idea-I SWEAR) sold his big 3-0 birthday present. Tickets to the final four AND championship March Madness games. Yes, I know I have the BEST husband but I’d like to reiterate that this was HIS idea and I tried to talk him out of it because it was a collaborative gift but he was adamant; and vice versa in regards to my David Yurman ring. It was just what we wanted to do for family, because at the end of the day that’s what the “good life” is truly about. All of this additional income went straight into a separate bank account specific for the trip. None of our budgeting has counted this money whatsoever and there have been no debits from this account. It is all for Florida.


Now that we are all ready to go. Our plan is to only spend ::::drumrolll::::$600 on everything. Gas, food, souvenirs and entertainment. I’m confident we can do it. I have been making Minnie ears and autograph books, and I have little toys and trinkets to occupy them as we travel. As for entertainment and fun at the hotel, I’m confident that with four cousins and a Grammy, we will have plenty to keep us entertained. I know that for Disney it doesn’t seem like that much and most people are probably laughing hysterically at this but I have pinned just about every “Disney on a Dime” tip possible and I am confident we can do it. Honestly, we don’t have a choice because relying on our checking account as a “back up” is absolutely not an option. We must make it, and we will, why? Because it’s DisneyWorld, where anything can happen 🙂


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