The Happiest Place on Earth

Resampled_2013-04-04_12-05-50_923Well, hello there. It’s been a while. How are you? The Fowlers are well. We had a wonderful trip to Central Florida. At 5:00p on Sunday night we walked through our front door, all very relieved to finally be home. Of course it was a wonderful vacation but as good as it is to get away it’s always so nice to come home and with money to spare. That’s right, we went on a ten day road trip vacation on a $600 budget and came home with $56. Granted, Grammy Karen and Aunt Robin spoiled the girls (and me) rotten however, I have no question in my mind that even without that we would have made it. There were tons of groceries so plenty of food to suffice all, we budgeted just right for gas, and Madz was allowed to pick one souvenir from the park each day. I brought coupons along (of course) for coffee and lunches at “Old” McDonalds that can really help stretch a budget.

Resampled_2013-04-04_21-18-11_377Here’s the recap, the little ladies and I traveled down last weekend to meet up with family then made the trip down to Tampa to spend Easter with my brother-in-law and I have to give a shout out to everyone who participated because it was definitely one of the best Easters yet. The girls had such a great time playing with their cousins and the weather was absolutely perfect. After the holiday we made our way over to the one and only DisneyWorld for 4 full-fledged Disney Days. The weather continued to be great, minus two brief storms, and we spent the peak morning and early afternoon hours exploring the parks and our afternoons by the pool. Brent joined us midway through the week and we rounded out the Disney portion of our trip with the parade of lights and fireworks. It was great fun and lots of fun memories with family and friends were made. Resampled_2013-04-04_19-10-23_214

After Grammy Karen and our GA family headed back home on Friday we spent the day exploring around where I spent much of my childhood and the first home my parents bought together. I may or may not have gone against a “do not enter” fence sign to check out the finished addition and the cement walkway. For some reason I thought  we had put our handprints down but sadly I couldn’t find them. Needless to say it didn’t look as I had remembered, I suppose that is to be expected; and the landscaping was all different. Somehow as an adult the yard didn’t seem as large and spread-out as in my memories and they had definitely cut down my favorite fort trees. Grrr. I digress, also on our trip I got to connect with my grandparents who live in FL. I had not seen them in a few years and I have missed them terribly. It was bittersweet to see them given everything that has happened but their hugs always make me feel better. On a lighter note, I thought we had just about made the whole visit at their museum/antique-esque home, filled with ceramics and collectibles, until as we were putting on our shoes to leave, Charlotte walked straight-on into a side table and sent a china dish filled with candy flying across the room.…I looked at Brent and said “so, close. we were so close” lol but my grandparents are awesome and of course weren’t phased in the least. After that we went and visited my oldest and dearest friend Tiffanie who had just had her third little blessing and that was all just icing on the cake.


After our day of exploring we headed back to Tampa so we could spend a few extra days with Brent’s brother and family and he was so excited to watch the Final Four games with his big bro but unfortunately the tummy bug that went through all of us at the beginning of the week made it to him on Saturday so we just began our two day trek home. And a trek it was, it took us about 8 hours to get to Savannah after being stuck for a few hours behind a bad accident. So we stopped for the night and spent Sunday am walking along the riverfront and exploring the beautiful city that Paula Deen calls home. It was a great am but we were all so anxious to get home, this was proof by the look of my backseat once we arrived. It got to a point where I handed one child the grocery tote and the other child the cooler and then turned around. I didn’t want to see what they were eating or destroying I just wanted the screaming to stop. Brent and I were in our own little world as Charlotte continued to scream (without tears-we are talking toddler yelling) what was probably baby swear words at us. At one point they fell asleep then would wake up to yell and go back to sleep. We decided that if we just face front, make no sounds, and pretend like we are invisible they can’t hurt us. It was a fun ride. lol All kidding aside, it was truly a magnificent trip and the this face says it all.



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