March Month 1: Results

I fully admit I was a little nervous and still really excited to see how we did for our first month. Outright we knew that we didn’t spend not a single penny on anything not written into our budget. Willingly and firmly sticking to the not written, not gettin’ rule. And in this regard we had great success. That’s correct. No random stops for coffee, no eating out, not one quick trip to Subway for an easy dinner, nodda! To be honest, for the first month it actually wasn’t hard. Granted I’ll be the first to say doing it all year might be slightly more difficult; but to take it one month at a time. Brent and I can easily say, no problemo! So with this we knew we had saved $256 dollars from what we had expended in the month of February, when we embarrassingly (and unknowingly) were living at least $100 beyond our means.

Knowing this upfront, I anxiously logged into our bank account and cross referenced our payroll. On a side note, it’s oddly exciting and very satisfying to log into your joint checking and see only a single page of transactions for a full month, this including all checks and bills. Awesome, more success! So I began to work the numbers and all seemed to be as it should be, estimating that we would have $200 in money leftover from the month.

All seemed so positive and exciting, and the steps seemed to be in forward moving motion until the dreaded three steps back roadblock. My paycheck was 196$ less than we had anticiapted. WHAT.THE.HAY! At first this didn’t seem right, then I got that pit in your stomach aka: intuition that tells you when something is a certain way and I knew pretty quickly that we had missed something. But what? And why was my paycheck low? I’m a salary employee so that didn’t make sense, taxes maybe? No, that didn’t seem right? Then I looked and noticed that the amount they had taken out for my health insurance had doubled what we were expecting. The girls just got added over to my insurance policy and apparently the first month of enrollment you have to pay up double to cover the first month and then the following, because you pay at the beginning of every month. Damn it. Damn it. Damn it. And of course how much, wait for it..$196. So, I suppose that says it all.

Although on a final note in the recap, we did not go into the red and are up $4 for the month. Not to mention our girls have good health insurance which is obviously huge. I am a big enough person to see the positive here and we can be happy with it.

P.S. We have decided to extend our no frivilous spending rule from March through the month of April. Remember our expenses on vacation, from start to finish, did not come from our living funds so there are no sneaky shortcuts happening behind the blogging scenes. Our next night out and out of budget expense will be a slight splurge for our 5 year wedding anniversary on May 3; and we are very much looking forward to it!


2 thoughts on “March Month 1: Results

  1. Way to go Ker-Bear!!!! I am so proud of you and your journey is a model for us all. You said you were embarrased to say that your family was living beyond your means but there are more of us out there than you may expect. I am following and hopefully will be able to implement our own family budget to cut our debt and have some savings….what is that??? I hope to know soon. Keep on Keeping on. I am rooting for you…inspire us all!

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