No coffee money? No problem.

Getting back from vacation certainly can be a crazy time. I feel like the last week has simply flown by and yet my to-do list is still a mile long. The good news is that as we enter week three of April we are still going strong with the budget freeze. The EVEN BETTER news is the indulgence we have been able to take advantage of over the last week at exactly NO COST and only a little planning (which let’s be real, is my one of my favorite things to do!)

534778_607206692365_1819291441_nSo if you will, just call me Frugal ‘Freebie’ Fowler for this month. As mentioned in my bio I keep multiple,updated calendars and I use them for everything. Including making special notes of discount days and freebie events at local restaurants and area entertainment venues. You can imagine my excitement when I came back to my desk to find that free Iced Coffee day at DD circled on  my calendar and so was free cone day at Ben & Jerry’s although I wasn’t sure if NC would partake…but they did. However, the true icing on the cake here was free small premium coffee all.week.long. at Old Mc Donald’s.  The best part to all of these deals was that you can frequent as much as your heart desires. One per customer, per trip. Of course the coffee shops didn’t really adhere to these rules very well, thankfully. The whole week felt like Christmas! Okay, slight exaggeration here but when you love of Ben & Jerry’s and coffee  as much as I do, making it free can, and will, suit your fancy.

And, I am happy to say it didn’t end there. I was so excited about all of the free stuff, I also rented from Redbox using their code DVDONME giving us a free rental. They have multiple codes but can only be used one per credit or debit card. I believe REDBOX1 and BREAKROOM are some of the other codes but we had only used the first one. We don’t rent movies very often so we let Madz pick and Wreck it Ralph was awesome and I will say it is probably worth the $1.29 that one would normally pay.


By the end of the week Brent and I had taken advantage of a free movie rental, 1 free Coffee Coffee BuzzBuzz cone (note to self: take the girls next year) for $4.50,  6 DD Iced coffees for $14.94 (relax, it was between the two of us…I only had 3) and 8 free small premium coffees (over the course of the whole week) that would have totaled $10.32 in coffee change. That adds up to about $32.oo~ in frivolous spending that did not cost us a single cent. Granted we probably wouldn’t have splurged on 6 coffees in a single day at DD had it not been for the promotion, but I guarantee we would have spent that easily in the month; and sure maybe the scoopshoppe isn’t a stop we make regularly, but it still would have easily been an afternoon treat back when we weren’t careful with our card swipes. Now I am happy to say that our focus is much more clear and the only important point is within the bottom line, and that for us remains at 0.00 spent. Very, very cool!


Fun Tip: Watch your fliers, check out your local indy press, pay attention to what’s going on in those FB posts from your friends, and more importantly… WRITE IT DOWN!



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