Emotional check-in

Sometimes, I have realized, you just need an emotional check-in. Overall we have done really well in our spending freeze, for almost two full months, we have not spent anything outside of our budget and have not really missed out on anything. Granted let me be the first to admit, I probably couldn’t do it for an entire year, sometimes coffee therapy is needed and life is about the little things so I wouldn’t really want to; but for now I am very proud of where we are with it. We are making progress little by little and I am confident that over time we will see that change.

I had to do groceries this week, no meats needed, thankfully. The month-long menu helps great for this, but keeping up with breakfasts and lunches is usually a two-trip process. However we are keeping well with eliminating the random trips to the store and only shopping twice a month (mainly because milk does not last 30 days and we can only purchase so many gallons at a time).

Emotionally though, this last grocery jaunt left me a bit exhausted. I didn’t have the stamina I began with but I think it’s just that time in all of this. I am entering the steady part of the race. The excitement from the beginning is more at a plateau and the finish line is still a ways out. I just have to keep my music on and energy up, remembering to breathe when I forget. I apply this same metaphor to the upcoming memorial for my Dad, I just have to remember to breathe and continue my quick self-check-ins. All of these things take time. Healing and saving, neither happen overnight. For now, we work one month at a time. I’m looking forward to introducing you all to calendar day and some very exciting and frugal (of course) anniversary plans I have in store my hubby next week. The creative juices are flowing and I am ecstatic to share my secrets when it is time 😉

As always thanks for listening, ox



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