Mommy Day

Mother's Day 2012

 As I left work today and picked the girls up from school, all exits were shared with big smiles and greetings of “Have a Happy Mother’s Day! Any big plans? Enjoy your day!” Of course these exchanges are always pleasant but it made me ask myself, why the hype and expectation? What’s that about? Mother’s day, in my opinion, is probably one of the top most misinterpreted holidays. It’s a holiday rooted in the true TLC of mommyhood. When I think of Mother’s day I think of big hugs, chipped tooth smiles, deep belly giggles, baking warm cookies together, and late night snuggles. I want to remember those tender moments and celebrate being a mom because even in the “head-banging-against-the-wall- what the-hell-am-I-doing-moments” I know it’s important to remember how fast it all goes by.

Charlotte Elise Madilyn Ruth

Unfortunately it seems that in 2013 Mother’s day has become more exploited by commercialism and rather turned into a Hallmark holiday  weighted down by overpriced floral arrangements, expensive dinners and elaborate gifts. Let me make this clear- Mom’s don’t need more dirty water to clean up or her favorite vase to be turned into a football game; she definitely doesn’t need any additional “stuff” to trip over and if you have small children a mom it may be best to avoid the stress of trying to go out to eat at a “nice lunch” with four screaming children. Sure, an escape is great but a weekend getaway may be over the top. Besides at some point during the day [most] moms want to see their children, lol. Granted, all of these things are nice and very much appreciated but try to plan accordingly, perhaps as the children grow certain gifts and/or functions become a bit more practical. Age and location absolutely plays a role but truth be told, in all reality [most] moms want precisely the same thing for mother’s day, and (secret tip to all men) it is the same as any other holiday, women merely want to be thought of, and the best part is that it truly costs nothing! Here are my top 5 suggestions for a mother’s day gift for the special mom in your life and quite honestly women of just about any age would love!

  • Make her favorite breakfast AND clean-up the mess.
  • Occupy the children (truly keep them busy) so that she can take a 20 min shower and maybe even get to pee, in peace.
  • Stay happy and positive and the children will (hopefully) follow suit-enjoy the day!
  • Get artsy, save your money, and have the kids make a present
  • Photos! Update an album or maybe take a picture and have it framed.

Last but not least, it doesn’t have to be mother’s day to remind the special mom in your life that you are thinking of her and appreciate all that she does; but when it is Mother’s day… maybe tell her twice.

Happy Mother’s Day all! And a special shout to the best mom in my world, I love you and thank you for all that you do for me, for Brent, and for the girls! We love you oxResampled_2013-05-10_20-24-47_432


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