The Memory Bank Offers Great Interest Rates

Well, Hello. 

Admittedly, May has been a little off for me. Both financially and emotionally, there is some tension and cloudiness, for lack of a better term. Dad’s funeral is next month, and we have lots of planning for the summer as well as a pending move (uuggghhh!!!) More on that later.

For now, we have lifted the spending freeze and overall are still doing pretty well but we knew it would be the real test of habit. Have we or have we not made significant change? The first notable difference was we stopped for coffee with a gift card (not even our regular account transaction) and we felt uber guilty. I don’t want to create this type of lifestyle. We work hard so every once in a while these treats should be enjoyed not internalized and ridiculed. This is something we are addressing to find a good balance. But the grocery and household goods are still on par and we may have just found a way to cut one of our largest bills down (I’m crossing my fingers and will let you know as soon as we confirm this change is permanent). So all still very much a work in progress.

In regards to free entertainment, last night we had an absolute blast hosting game night at our house and it didn’t cost a penny! We had three other couples join us, it was BYOB and an appetizer. I was able to use a pantry raid for the food we provided and I contributed my bottle of wine received for Mother’s day. Admittedly, the hardest part was not opening it after a long week at work and have it hold out for Sat night 🙂 From food to fun and even better company I’d like to think we made a great profit, with all proceeds going straight into the Memory Bank. 



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