Saving Childcare Costs Without Losing Value

Summer Fun

For any working parent, the cost of childcare is a callous topic. Something that hurts upfront but you get used to it, because quite frankly you “do what you gotta do” but every time you look at it you cringe at the reminder. We were blessed for the first 3 years of our girl’s lives to have my mom be our DCP (daycare provider) however when we moved we were forced to incur all the traditional costs of being a parent. We have searched long and hard for great childcare and the school/center they have been in since we moved to Raleigh is phenomenal. We have not a single bad word to say about the environment or the people but sometimes change, if even just temporary, is good. I wasn’t sure where to begin but I knew the facts. 1. we needed to save money and cut costs if we could 2. it absolutely could not be at the expense of our girls 3. i was not going to take out a personal ad or entrust my babies to someone off Craigslist. Leaving me with the question, HOW THE HECK am I going to do this??

So, I took advantage of my resources and trusted my instinct, how? you ask. Well, I work at a university with some of the most intellectually gifted and creative students I have ever had the pleasure of being around, there has to be some childcare experience among 35,000 students and boy was I right. I put an ad in the school newspaper, “serious inquiries only,” and listing every requirement possible. Any teenie-bopper, fair-weather “babysitters” need-not-apply. The list included, background checks, drivers license, CPR, First Aid, Infant CPR, and Lifeguarding skills all REQUIRED as well as resumes and references, of course. No, there was no formal application lol but an interview process…absolutely. Right away I had quite a few inquiries and  we whittled down our selections to the interview process. Cut to the chase, I found the perfect person. A young lady, with all the above skills and then some. She also just happens to be a fashion design student which is a huge bonus for our art loving child. In fact, I bet our summer nanny had no idea she would be doing so much art work during her summer lol. She’s creative and fun but still follows our rules and requests without hesitation to use a timeout or redirection as needed. She’s on point with our expectations and completely respectful and let me say, has one of the best temperaments of anyone, ever. Beyond patient. I may be slightly jealous lol. All in all she’s perfect for us. I was hesitant to boast in the first few weeks but now as we close out our third week all parties are still happy with the arrangement (knock on wood). Although, she’s been warned, if she keeps it up we may not let her return to classes in the fall, j/k.
To date, this girls are spending their summer playing princess and doctor, painting nails, taking walks around the lake, going to the playground, swimming in the pool, bike riding/learning, cooking, and of course doing artwork; and let me t
ell you there is no better feeling than coming home after a long day’s work to my happy (and tuckered out) little ladies. The house stays clean, naps are had and pleasantries are exchanged. The handoff is great and when Nanny-Sam heads out
for her evening the girls are excited to help me start dinner and still love having me arrive. It’s such an amazing feeling. I realize it won’t always be this way so for now I’m loving every minute of it.
Here’s to a wonderful money-saving, sun-shining, and safe summer from our family to yours. ox

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