Getting Back on Track

Breathing in and out…sometimes this simple task really seems monumental. Suffice it to say that life has been crazy. We have had so much going on and I have been on an emotional roller-coaster. The very lowest of lows combined with some great highs, celebrating some of my favorite people; leading into some very high anxieties of work kicking off my first summer of orientation at State and a to-do list miles long. I am very much looking forward to a weekend at home with my two favorite little ladies, fun friends (and hopefully some sun). I’m hoping that downtime is on the horizon but I’m also a person incredibly cautious, perhaps even neurotic, about saying too much, too soon.

For us this week though, it’s really been about getting back on track. Brent and I sat down and went over all of our bills and the tracking of everything. Remember this is extreme budgeting after all. I am excited to say that we are almost done paying off another debt and we saved almost $300 last month! Definitely not something I could’ve done on my own and I have to give props to the whole family. A portion of this was in childcare, thank you Nana! Another portion was us continuing to keep our spending freeze strong. Taking the good with the bad my tight grocery list got a little out of hand with all of the travel and trips and preparation that goes into leaving the fam for a weekend but we still were able, at least for last month, to come out on top. Although we have not targeted a specific goal for our 1 year mark, progress is slowly being made and for me, baby steps are great and I couldn’t ask for more.

With love and tight wallets, until next time…



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