4th and Fun!



Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays because it really does illuminate what (in my opinion) all holidays should be about the 4, really good F words, great- food, fun, friends, and family.

Our first 4th in NC was a success! B- had the day off, which never happens. So we had a family fu1012679_617373782435_788948635_nn day that cost us a total of 21.00. We had a slow start to the am and the girls were slightly cranky so they took some downtime with Daddy which wound up with Daddy being suckered into going poolside with our little ladies (he falls into it every time lol); then we had lunch at home and spent the afternoon at the lake. Came back to the house for dinner and then went for ice cream and a free fireworks show at a local shopping plaza. This sounds funny but they were spectacular! The only downside was that Madz was scared of the fireworks, in her defense we were super close and it was uber loud. Eating our meals at home and not traveling out too far for the day helped us keep the costs down. Our only expenses were entry into the State Park and ice cream. It was a fun day and we are grateful to have gotten to spend it as a family. With Brent’s work schedule we rarely get to do much as a family and we calculated that since November we have only spent 6 full days together(including holidays). So needless to say it was amazing!


For the weekend we were able to go on our annual July 4th weekend camping trip sans Brent, unfortunately. This is a tradition we have stumbled into and we love it. We always go with friends, a great tip for keeping vacations low-budget and high fun is to enjoy activities with friends and family. It allows for everyone to make great memories without hitting the bank too hard. Of course it also depends on what the activities you are taking in are but camping is a great example. Everyone contributes to everything, keeping costs to a minimum.  In total we had six kids and they had a blast! It was definitely a ton-o-fun and I really hope to have a repeat next year. Sad to say we had to cut our trip short, originally planning a 3 day/2 night trip we left on Saturday because Charli got really sick. I am about 99.9% certain it was an allergic reaction to Watermelon but she gets allergy tested in a few weeks so we will know for sure then. A bit unnerving and a situation I’d prefer to not repeat next year, lol. Thankfully though, she’s totally back to her frisky, sassy self and has seemingly settled into terrible-twos about 2 weeks too early.

Budget Update: Our debts continue to go down as we are two payments/months away from paying off a huge medical bill. I realize it’s only one of the many debts but hey, progress is progress!


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