July Madness


I have to start by saying how refreshing it is to sit here on a Sunday morning enjoying a cup of coffee, with only a day of enjoying my ladies ahead. As I write to the unknown the world it is a refreshing reminder of just how therapeutic this whole thing is for me. It has been so long since I have had the opportunity to sit and just be; but for me this is the perfect way to start a new week.

Being the crazy month that July has been I feel like I have quite a few updates, on all accounts. So here’s my plan, a quick budget review and update with a recap of all the happenings in the Fowler Fam and then throughout the next week I’m going to post more detail about some of the low-(er) cost fun and tips I’ve picked up in the last few weeks. Now I realize that the my extreme budgeting is more of an idea, a therapeutic road of sorts for my personal journey of healing. By no means do I claim to be an extremist of any kind and there are plenty of other how-to blogs on saving, that is not what the Frugal Fowler Project is about. Our family is far from knowing or being experts regarding the “how-to” in the world of saving, instead we will continue to go down this trial by error discovery and we hope to live, learn, share, and change how to better our personal and family finances.

With all of that being said, we knew in December-far before the birth of this blog, that July was going to be crazy. From Summer fun, to big weddings, birthday parties, road trips, and 30th celebrations, we were well aware that “living and spending” would be at a peak; and for us, not taking part was not an option. What’s working hard and earning without living a little and making memories with great friends and family? Yes, you want a nest egg but raising a family without making memories is not for us. I maintain  that it’s about balance and admittedly we haven’t always had great balance but again…we are working on that. I digress. Part of what has been hard about July is that we have worked hard to save and I feel like I have continuously handed over my debit card and every time I twinge just a bit. We did not set up a budget for the month (for reasons combined of a. not having the time because of work and b. out of fear) I can admit this lol but I can also admit this was a mistake; lesson learned again. The good news is we actually saved on childcare-this helps for bank account balance; we only used what we had planned to use out of our savings, and as for our checking account it’s still in the positive (and because I’m an openly paranoid person let’s take a moment to knock on wood it stays that way). More importantly though, we made fantastic memories, and as we move into August I am confident that if we make a plan to save, perhaps a spending freeze is in store to be on the safe side, but we may just be able to get right back on track.

On the healing front, yesterday was one year since we rolled into Raleigh for our big move to the south but for me July 27th is something more. It was the last time I actually saw my Daddy, it was the last time I got to hug him, it was the last time my girls got to hug and kiss their Grandpa. He was the final push that made us decide to uproot our life and replant it south of the Mason-Dixon line; and he took full credit. I miss him terribly but I hope, as we continue to work hard and move forward that we make him proud and I know that I’ll get to hug him in my dreams as I have so many times since his passing. Although it’s never the same I feel so blessed to have such wonderful memories of this amazing man. Thanks for the push, Dad. ox

I realize some of the pics have been used before but they were taken on this very morning as we headed out of town ❤



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