Staying Young (while getting old)

This is such a fun post for me and upfront it is all meant with love (including the title)! Last week was my one of my nearest and dearest ladies’ big 3-0. Alicia actually shares her birthday with our Charli-bear so not only was the typical advance planning to be had but there was some extra thought and love for everyone this year. Not to mention 29 wasn’t exactly peaches for her so we wanted to welcome her new decade with fun and love and make her feel as special as she certainly is!

Of course all of this being said, with so much to be done, and remaining on a tight budget (especially after three out of state trips in the past two months) needless to say, getting creative was an understatement. Her hubby and I had contemplated a few different things. Sure, you want to go above and beyond but we had to keep the goal in mind, Alicia isn’t about pomp and circumstance or big trips here or there, of course they sound nice, but truly she just wants to have a great time with friends- really that’s what celebrations are about right? And for me the goal was to make her feel as wonderful as she really is and to give her a day to not have to worry about IT ALL. So, after some scheming with her other VIP ladies we came up with a game plan. What does a working mom of two girls with a brand new baby boy who runs a household, a breast pump, and a very busy life really need? A day with her ladies!  But, what fun would it be to do a traditional spa day? (okay, so this does sound nice but come-on …who can afford that???) I began to think back to some of my favorite events and one stand out was a bachelorette scavenger hunt for one of my other favorite ladies (or my little sister if you will) and I began to get excited…could we make it happen for her? hmmm…Where would we go? What would we do? Can we afford it? Do we have enough people? YES! to all of it. And everyone  was on board and really excited. So, we sent her on a birthday scavenger hunt. Everyone got to play along and contribute to the fun and she picked up all of her ladies throughout the morning getting new clues along the way. The hunt went all day long and we were even able to incorporate those individuals who had to work (i.e. Brent gave her the second clue and one of her mid-day clues landed her at lunch where our friend Jess was waitressing). And the final clue of the evening was handed to her by her hubby who showed up with 30 roses and a group dinner date to her favorite restaurant.

Here’s how it all went down.

Clue 1. was given to her with specific instruction in the am to get her things together and get to the next stop which was my hubby at work.

Clue 2. she got from Brent which brought her to me (it helped to associate the clues with the people) so she picked me up at Starbucks, which of course I had her birthday coffee ready for her-$3.5.


Clue 3. took her to our friend Katie at the wine store, because while we are al wine-o’s Katie is the one with a full wine rack out of all of us. And once she found her she was also greeted with a non-alcoholic bottle of wine (remember the breast pump reference above.)


Clue 4. was Katie’s clue which took her to the park where she picked up her Sister-in Law who got creative in the hiding spots lol


Yes, that is Andy and Opie at Pullen Park 🙂

Clue 5. was a fun one. Yogalicious (aka. sexy yoga). The birthday girl was free and the drop in pass was only $15. Totally worth it and we were able to get a workout in!


Sorry, hun I couldn’t resist! ox

Clue 6. brought her to a shopping center for her to get a special date night outfit. This was her hubby’s contribution!

Clue 7. was lunch with Jess who contributed the next clue and the gift certificate for our next stop.


Clue 8. Mani-pedis! Well, she got a mani and due to time I got a pedi-not my idea of fun (seriously) but that’s another topic.

Clue 9. was a pit stop at Sugarland, this AMAZING gelato place in Raleigh, for only about $3 such a great afternoon treat.


Thanks, Lindsey for the Gelato!

Clue 10. was a very special visit to see her new little man; of course every new mama cannot go a day without some special baby time.

Clue 11. swept her off to get ready with the ladies; but “for what” she had yet to be told 😉

And as promised Clue 12. was presented by her hubby, Adam who showered her with love and roses. It was a phenomenal day!


All of this and we were able to save that we would have spent on dinner, presents, party, etc. not to mention, I’d like to think this was way better! I highly recommend getting creative when it comes to celebrations. Things don’t always have to be over the top and $$$ to be special. I will never forget it and I hope she doesn’t either.

Happy Birthday, hun! ox



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