Life in numbers

There is so much that life has to do with numbers and for a long time I didn’t understand this. Truth be told I did everything in my power to claim the title of “girls aren’t good at math” in HS-and live by it. I had a large block up against any type of mathematical challenge; especially ones that included letters and shapes. But my Dad did everything he could to help us understand his own type of math, that being money. It’s funny how the two go hand in hand but the relationship, and its importance, isn’t fully recognized, or appreciated, until much later in life.

Hindsight being what it is, I remember the moment I began saving. I was a waitress at a diner in Newport, VT and I used to pull $5 out of my tips every shift and put them in my glove compartment in a ziplock bag (okay at 17-this wasn’t one my smartest decisions) but it didn’t take long at all to begin seeing that add up; and really feel that great appreciation for earning it. Let me explain the delay. See I had my first job when I was 12 years old as a receptionist for a salon in small town Texas. I worked in multiple places all through high school, but  I never saved. I always worked “just to have money” so that I didn’t have to ask my parents for things. There’s a famous story in my family of when I was little and asked my dad for a special white waterbed bed (it was the 90s-don’t judge lol) anyway, he told me when I could pay for it, I could get it and brushed me off. So, I saved my allowance for a year and bought the bed; well actually I did come up a few dollars short but my Dad coughed it up since I had the rest. lol From then on I got the fact that if I had money I could get what I want but the savings piece of this lesson the most important piece, came much later as I described. Perhaps this is the same moment when I stopped opposing math and appreciated the numbers game; slowly taking on its challenge.

Today I feel like all I do is run numbers. Whether its portion size for calorie counts, medicine doses, bills, dates, deadlines, miles, people, appointments, balances, ages, years, birthdays, kids, snacks, boxes, drinks, dollars, it doesn’t matter- life is numbers everywhere you turn!

So here are my utmost important life pieces in numbers… 01.22.1985.

Now that was a lot of run through in my head lol, but I couldn’t help but notice that none of these include shapes, letters or elaborate and complicated equations….thankfully.

My next list is 30 x 30. I’d like to develop a “life before 30 bucket list” …suggestions are welcome. Post pending…



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