Appliance Upgrade- Fast Easy and Affordable

I admire extreme saving bloggers who can constantly save 99% on their grocery bill with coupons and pay off their many debts in 6 months time. Their information shared and success are nothing less than amazing but I also feel overwhelmed by how well they can do it all and the scientific methodical approach that seems to map out their calculations and saving. It’s just more than I can wrap my head around or at the very least have time to process to attempt to do so. As I have said before, I’m not the queen of all things thrifty, but I like to think that the few things I do try, and the small steps we are taking toward learning to be, are just as big of a success for us. With that being said when I come up with a great recipe, craft, sale, etc. I feel compelled to share. And in this new adventure of being homeowners I hope to have many finds and although their will be some failures along the way,  I vow to share my experience with the black hole of the blogosphere- in hopes that maybe it will help or inspire at least one (and if nothing else I will be able to reference it at a later date).  Thankfully the first project I get to share was a success and I can’t wait!

It’s no surprise that the kitchen, in any home, is a huge selling point. It can make or break any deal and even the best home with a less than subpar kitchen can ruin any realtors day. For us the kitchen was actually the bonus. I loved the detail and location of our home but it did need some work, in everywhere BUT the kitchen. The kitchen wasn’t fantastic but it was in good shape and I could see the small projects that could help over time but overall great shape. The only thing that had stood out has a “dang I wish we could just change….” were the appliances. They were a black and white combo…circa 1995. They work and it would’ve been acinine for us to even consider buying new ones simply because I didn’t like how they looked; and then yesterday the clouds opened and the sun shined. I was in Lowe’s (a very overwhelming store btw) and they have a little thing called Appliance Epoxy. It’s a spray paint and for less than $10 this is what happened:






I’m not sure which I loved more the cost or the fact that it took less than 15 minutes. When time is money this is awesome! Here’s the product I used Rustoleum Appliance Epoxy in Black. This is absolutely well worth it.





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