Moving & Saving

Why does moving make a person feel like a human ATM? Admittedly its probably more of a control thing than anything else, but I feel like all we have done in the past two weeks is spit out money. I don’t think that this is necessarily because we are homeowners now, we have moved enough times between rental properties to know this feeling well. It’s the cost of transition, literally. The extra gas, the random food stops, the “this is really old let’s just replace it,” and for me I tend to be willing to sell just about anything to not bring it with us-so of course if it’s a necessity I’ll replace it. Counterintuitive? Possibly; but even for the month of September when we did not have a rent or mortgage payment. I knew we had the money to spend but my logic is don’t spend it. Of course we were going to spend some of it. We knew that; but I hate that we did. Are we still within what would be our normal months expenditures, yes-but I’m still a nutcase. To learn from this experience I have made some notes to share. Here’s what I have learned about moving, what we did and could’ve done better, that can help the transition be cost effective.

Don’t buy boxes-there are plenty of stores and restaurants willing to share. Ask around.

Purge what you can- this means that you will have less to move but be sure to think this through, thoroughly. It makes no sense to sell a perfectly good toaster and then have to replace it…(sore subject for our family…well, me #lessonlearned)

Don’t buy bubble wrap-I used the hundreds of plastic shopping bags that I never throw away to wrap just about everything that needed it. 

Plan ahead and prep- Moving absolutely stinks but we started packing weeks in advance and it made the process of packing/cleaning/moving a million times easier. Not everyone has the luxury of being able to do so but when you can try to plan in advance. Whether it’s the actual prep of moving, or setting up the utilities transfer, try to avoid doing any of it last minute if you can. You don’t want to pay any additional fees or for subsequent service. Remember time is money and if you plan it right many times you can get refunds for having service cancelled prior to the monthly renewal.

DIY- Yes, there is a huge convenience in paying someone else to move your things for you. I kept thinking “I wish we could go away for a weekend and come back and it be done” but the truth is we have 4 people in our family (albeit Charli wasn’t much help lol) but we also have wonderful friends. Some would argue the next point but I have no qualms asking our close friends to help if they can. The only flip to this is to be ready and willing (honestly, ready and willing) to return the favor. Tit for tat and come on, that’s what friends do.

Buy groceries for the month but split the location- This was probably our biggest mistake this year. I kept avoiding buying groceries because I didn’t want to transport the cold food from one place to the other. What I should’ve done was made a grocery list that was planned out, per usual and bought enough food to keep us until moving day that included grab and go snacks, quick lunches, and microwave food for the apt and the rest (regularly purchased items) could’ve gone straight to the new house. Then I wouldn’t have had to go grocery shopping in the middle of the move AND we wouldn’t of spent so much damn money on wretched fast food. grrr. Planning is cost effective and I dropped the ball on this one.

Take control– Moving is a bear and there are so many moving parts, no pun intended. From utility contacts, to leasing offices, new banks and doctors, RX transfers, childcare options, the list goes on. It is utmost important to sit down ahead of time and make a plan. Take full control of knowing every contact new and old and what must be done accordingly. Remember you are the consumer, they all work for you, and it is your money, know where it’s going and advocate for it. 

Happy Moving & Saving ox


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