The Trick was a Treat!


Well, I pulled the fast switch off and Halloween was an uber success. First let me say that I have the coolest little girls. Not only were they down for getting new “dress up clothes” for a costume but I didn’t have to work that hard at all in convincing the switch. We were in the dress up section of our favorite red “bullseye” and they were so excited about the different options when they picked different princess outfits from the ones selected in the Disney store I said, “wait, so you would rather be this princess?” And Madz was all for it and when I asked “should I just take the others back?” (which little did they know how had already been done) Madz replied “you can take it back, Mommy we don’t need both.” LOVE THIS CHILD! And right there the switch was made. They had forgotten about those overpriced dresses in a snap. I also learned a very big frugal lesson that I wouldn’t have put together herein lies a Frugal Fowler Tip: the costumes were listed at between 20-60$ each and were pretty cheaply made! Whereas the “dress-up” clothes, in the toy section, were on sale for $15. Not only were they better quality but they cost less and the girls got to shop in the toy section, which never happens lol. All hale the happy fowler princesses who shop with success!

1379740_634540689815_1500217369_nThis year also marked the first time in our post college adulthood that Brent dressed up, I still have not done so, but he came home on Tuesday night and said they needed to dress in costume for their big closeout on Wed. Well, it was 9p the night before and don’t get me started at how ridiculously overpriced adult costumes are. So we took to pinterest and our closet to see what we could come up with. I am going to sell my husband out for being a slight party-pooper. We came across an awesome idea for him to dress as “mayhem” from the Allstate commercials. I told him if he did that I would bring the girls in, in costume, and I would dress as Flo from the Progressive insurance commercials. He had the suit, we have bandages, I have an all-white outfit and could make a printout that says “Progressive” to put on and a tube of red lipstick. I mean really how hard would it be? And it would be funny. At first he entertained the idea UNTIL he realized he would have to wear that suit all day long and put some “dirty” make-up on his face to show some roughage and bruising. Honestly, I think this is the part that got to him. Either he declined and sported his college basketball jersey dressing as a LSC basketball player circa sometime in 2005/2006. I’ll give him that he dressed up, which is one step better than me. However one of these years before our children are too old I’m going to be “that mom” and have a family costume. Can you say s’more? 😉

As for candy, I’d just like to say since when did sugar become such a commodity in the US that something that can cause you to lose sleep, gain weight and rot your teeth can sell for so much money?! Holy cannoli I was floored and almost opted to not buy any. But alas, I caved and went to a discount store and bought whatever was on sale last minute. This actually worked because they were pushing it out to make room for the array of holiday inventory (really, there’s more already?!) and it doesn’t have to be the good stuff at all because you’re just giving it away. All in all, I’m glad I did because when we got home the girls had a blast, seriously I think they had more fun, actually giving the candy out then they did collecting it. Food for thought for next year.

Happy Halloween!


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