“those” moments

We are all guilty of them and today I’m having one, a moment. When a great day can be quickly halted by the reality. Today, I was trying to seize the day without thinking too much about cost but it’s me, so of course I’m still being pretty frugal, I took Madz for hot chocolate using a gift card I was given then spent $12 on haircuts (total for both of us) at the local cosmetology school. The most expensive part of the day was lunch and that was because I thought it would be nice to do it as a family. Being mindful of expenses, I did a quick check-in on the bank account. Overall it was fine, but it wasn’t what I thought it should be. I know we have output  a lot in the past couple of months and we are still adjusting to our new bills and bill schedule, but it’s disheartening when you think you have a good grip on something and then it doesn’t meet the expectation. It’s a huge disruption to the day, to my mood and to my stress level. I hate that it can have such an affect but it’s the reality of it. I remember watching my Dad in frustration about money, especially when you work so hard, but today I can relate. And honestly, it sucks. 😦


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