Some quick $ tips AND a healthy fix for that late night sweet tooth!

If there is one super easy way to save money and a target habit to change for money-saving, it’s eliminating those mid-week grocery trips. The smaller costs add up to so much more than 2 big bulk trips per month. With that being said, things  are getting ‘slim pickins’ in the fridge; because I menu plan (another great tip to stretch a budget) this means we have plenty of food to get through the week but all the “good stuff” is gone.  So tonight, while Brent was pining the cupboards I followed behind him getting creative. I always have a bakers stock, chocolate chips, cocoa, vanilla, etc. The girls had some graham crackers, cheerios, lol none of which he was interested in-especially if it took a bit of effort. I don’t blame him for this by the time we finally get to sit at night it’s late, and we are total bums. Per usual, there was a wee bit of coffee leftover from this morning and we always throw it out, which bugs me by the way-so I decided to make a homemade frugal spin on cappuccino. I heated up 1/2 cup of vanilla almond milk for 2 mins in the microwave then added it to the less than 1/2 cup of coffee (not espresso-just leftover morning joe), topped it off with a splash of coffee creamer and it was AMAZING! Unfortunately there wasn’t enough coffee for 2 so we shared, but what an easy and super quick fix for a late night craving and pretty healthy too…even better!

Until next time…ox


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