Count Your Blessings Not Your Debts

It’s been a while since my last post. Thanksgiving was hard and holidays tend to serve as a reminder of the grief and pain of what was lost and who is missing from this special time of year. I’m doing my best to remain positive. It doesn’t mean I miss my Dad any less. Grief goes with you regardless of location, date and time. Sure some are harder than others (clearly from my last post) but I am humbled by all that I have experienced. A frugal blog is open to many types of shopping tips and tricks this time of year and perhaps that post will still come but for this moment I’d like to reflect.

Why are holidays always so stressful? They shouldn’t be. In fact, aren’t they supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year? Why do we put so much emphasis on the expectation. If we all took time to simply appreciate and breathe, wouldn’t it be easier to find our personal peace? Take an extra moment to hold a door, buy a well-deserved yet unexpected cup of coffee for a stranger, say I love you instead of “we need to do this or can you do that?” Just pause for a moment and reflect. Even in the hard times let the most wonderful time of year remind us- not of what we are missing, be it fiscally, physically or emotionally, it does not matter- count your blessings not your debts. 

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