A Bucket List is Built

With only a few hours left in 2013 so many people are reflecting, summing up the old and getting ready for the new. Tonight we’ve opted the frugal approach to new year’s..yoga pants, chinese take out and Dick Clark’s Rockin New Year’s Eve (if that’s what it’s still called). I can’t help but sit here and think about what 2013 has brought and the truth is it’s all pretty blurry. I can’t find words to sum it up. The highs were great but the lows were too low. My roller-coaster of emotion ran a record number of runs and while I don’t know what 2014 will bring I do know that life is short, too short. So, with that being said, I see no better time to put my bucket list in writing. After much thought and many months of random mention, here it is…


  1. Make something on a pottery wheel or better yet, just use a pottery wheel once.
  2. Bicycle through the California wine vineyards
  3. Take a family road trip vacation (que National Lampoons)
  4. Zip-line
  5. Watch my children graduate college
  6. Be married for 50 years (to Brent)
  7. Go to a Broadway Musical in NYC
  8. Stay at the Waldorf-Astoria or the Plaza (either one will do lol)
  9. Take a painting class
  10. Go on a tropical vacation with my Bratpack ❤
  11. Stand under a waterfall in Hawaii
  12. Ski
  13. Take that celebratory cruise with the Paul family
  14. Swim with dolphins
  15. Ice Skate in Central Park
  16. Hike the Big Tree Trail in the Sequoia National Park
  17. Swim in Hot Springs
  18. Write a book
  19. Make and keep a New Year’s Resolution

And there it is. It’s not a long list but it’s my list. I realize most of these things may not happen especially with my inability to ride a bike without falling or get on an airplane without a panic attack lol but I digress. Staying positive, I will remain focused on the fun of what can be done and for 2014 I plan to tackle the last item first. Together, Brent and I are going to make (and keep) a New Year’s resolution: to give up ice cream for one year. And because there is power in numbers we will take on the challenge of omitting our favorite snack food for the next 365 days, together. Wish us luck (because anyone who knows us, knows we will need it). Until next year…

Thanks for reading along and Happy New Year from the Fowler Family to yours.


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