The Finals…

In lieu of the Olympics I have  made the following analogy, this little project has become a bit of an ice skating pairs event for Brent and I. Sometimes we are skating smoothly together hand-in-hand and other moments we are spinning in circles destined for dizziness. Somehow regardless of the landing we hold no grudge, offer instant forgiveness- for the detriment of our score based on that one misstep-and move on. Now as we are among the final seconds of our last program, so close to a strong (admittedly not perfect) finish, a loss of balance. Not a complete fall but a stumble…a reminder to that it takes a full 110% the WHOLE presentation for Gold.

 I’m writing this post as a lesson. It’s embarrassing but if I am continuing to be forthcoming and upfront about my experience it is one to be shared.
Lately I’ve been feeling pretty positive about this little project. Thinking to myself, you know we have come a long way. Yes, we still have a long way to go but we have made big leaps. Then the reminder of what complacence does kicks in. Reality. Our achievements, fall backs and lessons are a continued life long stride. Case and point, when we moved into our home we had to finance the floor. We were able to use our savings that month in moving expenses, supplies, etc. but we had to replace the floor, and make a plan to pay it off of course, and relatively timely. With every bit of intention and strategy we embarked on our first big project. Somewhere in a miscommunication between which financing plan we wanted to go with and what we were being sold, lines got blurred. We thought we were paying a low interest rate and what we got was a deferred interest rate. All this time we thought we were paying 5% and just had auto-payments drafted. It’s just a payment we really “had no need to look closely at it.” Mistake number one! Little did we know that we weren’t paying any interest for a specific period of time and that in turn we would then be charged all deferred interest at once. You can imagine my surprise when I saw over $400 in interest fees pending. I called the company and they were able to fix the error, all is well in the world, but it was certainly a heart stopping-throat-in-the-gut catch. That apparently can happen pretty easily…hmmmm (insert my self loathing to have not been more of an innate micromanager). Well, lesson learned!
I don’t hide that I’ve had my share of loan, credit and financing experiences. Brent and I completely own our past financial choices, bad and good. Arguably, I’ve worked the system in a way that has brought up my credit score and paid off lines of credit. I don’t keep open lines of credit “for fun” I try to be diligent and strategic and learned from the beginning to read the fine print, but we all need little reminders and instances such as these to keep us on our toes. It also serves as a reminder to us that as we approach the end of our little project we are not nearly close to being done. This project will continue for us, as will this blog, but on March 1 I will post all of the numbers in black and white to truly assess what it has meant to us and some helpful tips we will certainly carry forward.

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