My Little Frugal Five Year Old

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I cannot believe that today my baby turns 5 years old. Everyone says it, time flies! And I’m here to say that with kids, it speeds up. I remember like yesterday the day I found out I was pregnant. It certainly did not take 90 seconds! I remember staring in the mirror thinking to myself this IS really happening.” I knew it without a doubt. I also knew Brent wouldn’t believe me, so 5 (yes, FIVE) tests later I think he was convinced. 5 years later I am beyond blessed. I still have my moments of staring saying “this IS really happening” but for very different reasons. I know I have talked a lot about my Dad and my family but let me tell you about this my oldest little girl.

My Madilyn Ruth is a spirited child; she came by her nickname Madz honestly, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Equal to her moments of being the Madzter she is a compassionate old-soul who is the BEST big sister. Charlotte, at the ripe young age of 2 worships her big-sister and not in a jealous “I want what she has” or “that’s not fair” way but in a “she is my protector and I love to be around her” way. When Charlotte cries Madilyn takes her hand and calms her. When I scold Charlotte she runs to Madilyn and Madilyn has said to her “it’s okay you just can’t do that.” or “that’s not safe, Charli.” And then I melt. I’m so blessed to have these two little girls as ours and they teach me so much about myself and about life.
Of course, life without spirit is not truly life and Miss Madilyn certainly keeps me/us on my/our toes and I could write a book with her one-liners. A prime example is a very recent grocery excursion that led to Charlotte having a mega-meltdown over not really anything. So I left her screaming, plank style at one end of the aisle I slowly made my way to the other end (Note: I did not leave her sight or the aisle itself) and Madilyn responded with “Mommy, no! Someone will take her and I don’t want to be a family of three.” I had to chuckle but then quickly responded with “trust me no one wants to take her right now,” lol-sorry but it was true.  It is moments like these that make me remember that regardless of the number of times shes sneaks water and shampoo into her room to bathe her dolls; marks up my wall with Sharpie; takes photo shoots of her dolls at 2am; or climbs acrobatically onto the counter for chocolate as breakfast before we get out of bed-I continue to cherish not just being a mother but being Madilyn’s Mommy. I know she won’t always want or need me and there are moments when I question how much she actually “needs” me now, the independent soul she is; but I tell her everyday how loved she is and I know I have become a better person because of her. I still have a lot to learn just as she has many years to grow, God-willing, but I am so proud of this little being. She is so much better than me in all the right ways. She is a patient 5 year old, she is a compassionate human, and let me say the girl can spot a sale by color coded stickers in just about any store from a mile away. A frugal Fowler in the making for sure. 🙂 She loves to sing and dance and is far less afraid of life than I ever was or even am now. She has so much to teach me and the world…
Happy Birthday my Maddie-Ru may your spirit never change and your love and spark for life continue to light your path and the world of others. ❤
Over the weekend we had a very frugal birthday “Spa” party. I have all the details and photos and I will post tomorrow.Yesterday was spent doing party clean-up and today I am too nostalgic. Check back tomorrow for the Spa-BDay “how you can to” on a dime.

One thought on “My Little Frugal Five Year Old

  1. This post melted my heart. What an amazing little girl, credit must be given to the parents who raised her to be who she is today. ❤️ Happy birthday Madz

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