A Spring Saving Riddle…or two.

I love Spring, for so many reasons. Of course, springtime in North Carolina is very different than that of Vermont. Although like so many other things there are pros and cons to both. This is why I find it even more important to (hopefully) welcome spring with some fun saving events that always brings sunshine to my day; especially if, likes this year, Mother Nature is lagging behind.

Some might remember last April I posted about all of the freebies I took advantage of. From your favorite morning coffee to an afternoon ice cream treat; many well-known, national names are offering free items this April and here my faves. Disclaimer: I do not endorse any businesses or products and for this reason I have listed the following promotions in a fun-riddle-form.

  • Up first, for my NC, SC and (I believe VA and GA) peeps- tomorrow, March 31 starts the first of multiple, consecutive free iced-coffee Mondays at a very popular “donut” place that hails from New England. 
  • Also tomorrow, March 31, this “Old Farmer” will offer a 2-week promotion on your morning joe.
  • April 8- Probably THE best of them all. Satisfy your sweet tooth with free conicals; hailing straight from Vermont where it is never too cold for this stuff.
  • Next up is all about cheesy-melty goodness but you have to be a member first-but for those who do on April 11 you get free _____.

This is only a few but I’m sure there are more keep an eye out and save some moola while enjoying the little treats that will warm up your spring.

Happy Savings!


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