When you’ve gone too far.

You know you’ve taken things a little too the extreme when it hits your REM cycle. I’m now budgeting in my sleep. Two nights ago I dreamt about a $1000 grocery purchase that I stood in line for an hour to cut down only to cut a single purchase in half. Needless to say $500, in my opinion, is still astronomical so I wound up walking out of the store and waking up in a panic. Brent laughed at me and then took advantage of the moment to say “maybe you should think about the grocery bill a little less from now on.” Perhaps…
If this wasn’t sign enough, then there was the conversation I had with Madilyn last night. There was an add on the radio about a fundraiser for starving children. A donation of x-amount could ensure that a child can eat for the next 40 days. Of course little ears pick up on everything and Madz asked me, “Mommy do I get to eat for the next 40 days?” I melted and said yes, of course-absolutely. Then my heart broke because every child deserves this answer but many will not get it.  How blessed are we to be able to provide that for our girls? 
So to answer my question above, and to set Brent’s mind at ease, I can openly admit my flaws and say yes, perhaps I have taken my frugality too far in this regard. Moving forward, I will set forth, to aim, to worry less about the money spent on feeding and providing for our family. Reminding myself that these are essentials; and even if that box of cheerios is not on-sale and it is the last, most expensive box remaining on the shelf, I am fortunate enough to have the means to purchase it without guilt and without reservation. I am providing for my family and that, in and of itself, is just cause. I will purchase it with pride and a sense of relief knowing that the little bellies which fill our home with love and laughter will be nourished and not without; a cost and reason which is truly priceless.
This my friends, is perspective.



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