Happy Calendar Day!


Admittedly, I have wanted to write a calendar post for the longest time but I have to do it on the first, because that’s Calendar Day for me; and quite honestly I just kept missing or forgetting to do so. Yes, I am 100% aware of how “geeky” this may sound but let me tell you my friends, in my life it is all about the little things and I LOVE the first day of every month. I look forward to it. I make lists leading up to it. Some people start fresh on Monday; I start fresh on the first of every month. It is without fail my favorite personal-monthly-holiday.

What exactly is Calendar Day? Only the best thing ever! (not the answer you were looking for I presume). Okay, really though, Calendar Day is when I update all seven of my personal and professional calendars. Why seven? Well, I have my Google, my desk, my whiteboard, a hanging (traditional) version, appointment book and school (one for each child). All reflect reminders, information and responsibilities from multiple sources and at the beginning of each month I line them all up and cross-reference, check and plan out the full month of events, appointments, bills, shopping trips, date nights, work nights, closeout, etc. We only have one car and a lot going on so between the regular day-to-day planning there’s the coordinating of transportation and the importance, in our family, of keeping structure for the girls-something they both need and thrive on. It also helps me to feel balanced and provides that important sense of control that every type-A is looking for; hence why I created Calendar Day. Well, all of this and because I love color-coding. Understandably each family has their own way of functioning and this is a large part of ours. It helps all of us and even Brent has come to rely and refer to my multi-calendar system for planning and scheduling. It may not be for everyone but it is definitely for us.

Happy Calendar Day! ox


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