Temporarily Unavailable

It always happens, things get crazy, life gets busy and when it gets really hot outside so does our wallet! So much going on, so many places to go, people to see, stops to make, etc. I feel like I’m constantly “swiping.” If you can relate to this, join me. As we approach July 1 we are resetting ourselves and our budget. We have a lot coming up and we have to be strategic so that we don’t look back and see a long list of poor choices and/or experience that familiar feeling of spender’s guilt. In May we saw a nice steady climb and I fear we (at best) plateaued this month-if not worse, ugh. It’s not just my budget either. From sleeping to eating, my messy house, crazy schedule- it all seems out of whack. Why is it, that when I feel like one area of life is off-balance, everything else seems the same? Where am I supposed to start? The thought itself is exhausting. Maybe it’s just me… it could also be a significant lack of sleep or better yet the fog I seem to be living in but at this moment the words “temporarily unavailable” are flashing across both my television and in my brain. 




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