Rich in Love & Friendship


Today is National Friendship Day, who knew?! I feel like a nod to such a special relationship should gain far more recognition than a random reminder on FB. At the very least it should be in every 12-month calendar. I’m serious, can one really argue the importance of a groundhog being spooked by it’s own shadow over the recognition of a valuable relationship with the potential to span a lifetime? Or better yet, let’s nix Valentine’s Day and replace it with Friendship day, we can still celebrate with chocolate but at least then guys could have a fair shot at getting on board with this holiday #bromanceisreal

Not to brag, but even though my bank account may run low in $$ I am beyond wealthy in the currency of friendships. I have so many amazing and caring friends and I value each one, through good times and bad. Even if that currency only existed for a brief moment in time, I value it. My dad had his own nod to friends, albeit a bitter one, but because he was a rough and tough Okie; and I the stereotypical rebellious daughter (LOL-not really, but still) I went 180-degrees the opposite direction. I put all that I am into my friendships. Granted, I’m not always the best of friends myself, we all make mistakes; and in the analogy of this blog I can say that with friendships there is no price too high that I haven’t paid or wouldn’t be willing. When I think of my friendships I am so rich in gratitude and love for the people who call me their friend. With great friends interest runs high and for me that interest is paid out double when these friends then become family.


Of course, even the richest individual has a past, one they cannot forget but must find a way to appreciate for it has helped them get to the place that they are. It’s impossible to think of all the friends who have helped me in the past 28 years but occasionally I’m blessed with a moment that brings me back. Either by way of an unexpected smell or most common for me, a song, and I am instantly thrown back to a different circa remembering something beyond silly or heartwarming. I love these moments and am grateful for these relationships as well.

I dedicate this post to all of my wonderful, priceless friends- new and old. I’m certain I don’t say it enough, but to all of my friends, thank-you. I love you.





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