The Crazy Things We Pay to Do.

Well it wasn’t affordable and I don’t know if I’ll actually get my money’s worth but I am officially registered for a half marathon. I can’t believe that I’ve paid for this, I can’t believe I’ve committed to this and yet I’m oddly excited about 13.1 miles. It’s been a long time since I’ve challenged myself in such a way and I don’t know why exactly I’ve decided to do it, but for some unknown reason the decision has been made. I haven’t been a runner in..well..ever, but last week I took on 4 miles and felt super good after. Granted this doesn’t compare to a half marathon but I have 76 days to rock it out and a great partner in crime to keep me going. Needless to say I’m nothing less than terrified.



Pleasant Surprises

Keeping with the Jones’-kidding!- Really out of pure convenience, most of our finances are set-up in electronic format. However, some of our monthly bills that can fluctuate I like to track (i.e. electricity, water and phone) so we still get these bills via snail-mail. It makes for checking the mailbox to be less than desirable but always predictable. Until recently that is. When I checked our mailbox and our two standard bills that arrive the same day every month were waiting. I took my time opening them, because really who rushes to open a bill??? Only to be pleasantly surprised with the following…



SCORE! I didn’t even know this was possible. The skeptic in me wants to call to ensure that they haven’t made some grave error but I decided against it. Rather I’m going to enjoy this moment, keep it for my records and see what happens next month.


Soccer Mom in-Training

images It’s official, we are back to school. Madilyn has been a kindergartener for a whole month and Charli has completed her first week back in preschool. Things are more than a little nuts, schedules are still shaking out, youth soccer has officially begun, and although I’m told back-to-school means tired kiddos, that has not been the case. The only one who is completely wiped out is me. So much so that my dinner menu has been blank all week, not to worry we’ve still managed to eat; my house is wrecked; and I’m only the second week into my online class and I’m too occupied with housework and elementary homework for Madz to even consider any of my own.

All of this and I’m trying my damn-dest to get back into a healthy routine. I can’t quite pinpoint when my sleeping and eating habits became so compromised but I do know that a change needs to be made, ASAP. My productivity isn’t necessarily a problem, what can I say, I know how to get shit done, but …admittedly, I could be more efficient.The truth is, my sleep isn’t going to get better anytime soon so I need to make the changes that I can to improve my energy.  

A few months ago I was urged to buy a Bikram Yoga Groupon and although I despised the first class I came to absolutely love it. The problem is that it is so expensive! So, I started to run a little here and there (a free exercise I will win the battle with and learn to love) and am trying to train myself to build yoga and running into a long-term lifestyle. It feels like a lot of change for a soccer-mom in training but I suppose there is no better time than the present.