Pleasant Surprises

Keeping with the Jones’-kidding!- Really out of pure convenience, most of our finances are set-up in electronic format. However, some of our monthly bills that can fluctuate I like to track (i.e. electricity, water and phone) so we still get these bills via snail-mail. It makes for checking the mailbox to be less than desirable but always predictable. Until recently that is. When I checked our mailbox and our two standard bills that arrive the same day every month were waiting. I took my time opening them, because really who rushes to open a bill??? Only to be pleasantly surprised with the following…



SCORE! I didn’t even know this was possible. The skeptic in me wants to call to ensure that they haven’t made some grave error but I decided against it. Rather I’m going to enjoy this moment, keep it for my records and see what happens next month.



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