Be Thankful for Today

Take a moment this week, a moment from the cooking, cleaning, preparing; take time from the hustle of super savings and the craze of what Thanksgiving has seemingly become, and just be. Enjoy the blessings you have today. It’s not to forget the troubles or even some of hte pain one may be experiencing but rather try, if for only a single moment, to see be one with yourself and your surroundings. We may not have at all but if you are here and present with your basic needs blessed you have more than most in this world and that is certainly something ot give thanks for.

There is no frugality in the abundance in which I am blessed. Today I highlight, but every day I am truly thankful for the following and then some…

  • My daughters- They are my heart. There are not words to express the gratitude and blessings they bring into my life each and everyday. Good or bad, highs and lows, they are why I am here and what gives me purpose.
  • My husband- I married up, without a doubt. He is everything I am not. In strength, patience, love and even maternal instinct, he is amazing and he loves me, he truly loves me. I am so blessed.
  • My mother- Everyone thinks they have the best mom and maybe it’s just a bias but MY mother has supported me and my family. She is my voice of reason and my balance while continuing to be my biggest  cheerleader in life.
  • My family- immediate, extended, by marriage or those standout friends who have become my family (you know exactly who you are); I have some of the best and most loving individuals that I get to call family.
  • My friends- I have had the fortune of traveling all over the world and I am one who cherishes each and every friend. I make no explanation for my friendships, I love being a friend and cherishing those with whom I feel connected. I believe people come into your path for a reason and I enjoy investing in these friendships, for some it may only be virtually, but I am to remain connected and am entirely grateful to have these individuals.
  • My health- Waking up each day, being able to take a deep breath, go for a run, sweat it out in yoga, speak and understand, hear and be heard; and be in (seemingly) overall good health is a blessing denied to many.
  • My job- I LOVE my job. I work with amazing people. I have positive support and energy surrounding me, pushing me to be better, I have balance and feel that not only does the work that I do truly matters but that I matter and that I am valued.
  • My home- We have worked so hard to be able to provide for our family and three years ago having a permanent home was a longshot. The fact that we own our home is a blessing straight from above. That being said, home is where your family is and even if we were in our little apartment I would, am and was grateful for always having shelter filled with love for myself and my family.
  • My budget- It helps keep me focused, on task and even sane. It reminds to daily where we’ve been, what we are working toward, and why we do what we do. It helps me be mindful and keeps our feet planted firmly on the ground, providing a stable foundation and structure for what we believe to be our high-quality-simple-life.

What are you thankful for this year? If nothing else, be thankful for today.


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