Reboot Fail…

I have no idea what day of the week it is. Seriously. In one day, I have said “how was your weekend?” “on the agenda for Wed.” and “see you Monday;” the irony to the last statement is that we have a three-day weekend. Needless to say I’m a little worn out. Truth be told, I have yet to actually find my groove post-holiday break. Last week I was out with the plague, my to-do list is longer than the Green Mile and yesterday was Raleigh’s version of a snow day. Maybe this isn’t being worn out, maybe this is a failed attempt to reboot.

Tonight as I sit clasping a less-than-stellar cup of hot cocoa, watching BBT and and avoiding any and all things related to..well…anything… I realize I miss writing. I have been consumed by life, not always a bad thing but sometimes to reboot you have to power down completely. I’ve neglected my blog, the girl’s memory journals, even texting. January is a rough month. I’d like to just push through with little, if any, recognition but from birthdays, deadlines, and memorable anniversaries (of all types) powering down completely is not an option. So, my answer? Wine. Just kidding- well sort of. There will be plenty of that later. For now, it’s to write. Later it’s to run. Then the wine will commence. Even though I don’t have much to say I’d like to send this stream of thought into the world acknowledging that perhaps no one will read it and that’s okay. For now my baby steps are to start with putting thoughts into words.

Until next time…ox


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