A forced left turn

Let’s call a spade a spade, I’m a planner, even to a fault. Lately I’ve felt as though a greater force has tested even my best planning efforts. Whether it’s been personal, professional or life in general I have found the words “you are nothing if not flexible” resounding loudly in my head more times than I can count in the past few weeks.

Without boring you with too many details I can simply say that our budget has taken frequent planning-thwarts lately. We work hard to be mindful of every penny spent (hence the frugal part in the blog title) but lets be real. Sometimes you just can’t plan for everything. DAMN IT! lol Just kidding, obviously I know this but it’s still not fun to be hit with car repairs, unexpected service cost increases, extra gas fill-ups or my absolute favorite- small electrical fires that require emergency home repairs. Needless to say the Fowlers are not exactly jumping for joy. So what’s a frugal girl to do?

Freak out is not the first answer but it is the honest one. Okay, maybe not freak-out but it does put me in a super-sour mood. Thankfully, I have a partner who is a great balance in reminding me (even when I don’t want to hear it) that we have come a long way and we just have tighten things up. The upside to all of it is that after 2 years we were able to pay up front for the emergency costs and not “beg Peter to pay Paul” this is a wonderful feeling. The downside is that I absolutely despise spending money. Hence, my option for staying home over going out. Even for special occasions. The thought of paying someone to cook a meal I can probably cook myself and then pay someone in addition just to set it in front of me, no thank-you. I’m happy to address my theory and defend myself against the reputation of being a stingy tipper in a later post; I digress.

So what’s the answer?

Emergency costs call for an emergency spending freeze. It is not the most fun decision but it is the most responsible one. This is also a great follow-up to one of my last posts about quarterly planning. We are able to assess the next few weeks and since they are already planned out we know instantly what can be cut and where we can save costs and the best part, how long it will take to get right back on track.

The truth is, whether I like it or not, sometimes we cannot plan for every little thing, regardless of how hard we/I try; but being mindful and keeping the lines of communication open about spending, expectations and restrictions helps to allow for quickly getting back on track after experiencing a forced left turn.

Until next time…expect the unexpected and stay centsible.



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