The Fun of a Budget

You’ve seen it, and if you haven’t, you know what I’m talking about…the thrill of *saving* money. It is (in my opinion) far better than spending money on a great find. It’s what shows like Extreme Couponers are made for; the adventure, the hunt, …the save! Even if you don’t think you can relate, think about when you see something you like at a super-reduced or affordable cost, “What a steal?!!!” is a common thought, now take that momentary rise of adrenaline and excitement and multiply it. It doesn’t matter what your shopping for or planning, there is money to be saved; and when you do, it’s excellent!

Admittedly, I have not yet ventured to the world of extreme couponing however I do have a few key experiences to pull from.

At present I have willingly accepted the challenge of helping plan a wedding on a budget. Something I have done in the past and am stoked to do yet again for one of my absolutely -most-favorite people in the world, and this time with Pinterest! It’s amazing how easy it is to cut corners of a budget without compromising a vision and boggles my mind that people would rather spend the money really for only the convenience not the product. A thought I simply cannot relate to. The assumption is that if something is cheap, it must be cheap. This is not the case. With a little bit of creativity, a smidge of risk, and a lot of trust you’d be surprised at what you can achieve.

Prime example, a few weeks ago Brent and I were at odds as to whether to buy a new breakfast table for our kitchen. Merely for convenience alone he was willing to drop over $100. Um. No. Sorry, I can’t do that. Especially when we have two stools not being used and (of course) I have a vision. Admittedly I didn’t know how to make that vision come to life but I took to Lowe’s spent $35 on supplies, Brent doubted me, exchanged and purchased the right materials at no additional cost and spent one Sunday afternoon building our new family breakfast nook.


It folds up and into the wall as well. I’m going to do something with the chairs eventually but that will be a project with the girlies.

This is fun to me! (in the moment it may not have been fun for Brent but he has boasted his skills since- as have I!

As for the upcoming nuptials we have a budget of <10k. For many this doesn’t seem like a lot for a wedding, for me this is actually almost twice what mine was but looking at each event individually and prioritizing wants v. needs as well as style and vision. Taking this into consideration is a must, it actually leads the way in every decision but where you save money is getting creative in making the vision come to life. For example, without giving too much away, we were on the search for photo frames of varying sizes no glass, seems simple but not cheap! t PS. Why aren’t they? It’s a darn piece of wood with nothing in it! I digress…so we opted for craft wood at less than a dollar each! A couple cans of spray paint and easy-peasy!

My other piece of advice in planning (really anything) is don’t be afraid of the dollar and consignment stores. There are unique treasures you may not neven know you are looking for. Rather than seeing a photo and buying each component or the entire design in one, break it down into shapes, colors, style and then go into a recycled treasures store and see what could work that’s comparable. Don’t be afraid if it’s not spot on, remember you want your event to be yours, whatever is in the photo was exactly someone else’s- be unique.

Last but not least, let me wrap up this *teaser* post by my favorite point the bride-to-be has made very clear. Every decoration she has in mind, each piece we buy and assemble, will go from the wedding venue to her house. So when investing and creating these little pieces of decor the quality has to be there but it’s also a reminder that we are doubling our dollar. This makes me do a dollar dance of my own, hehe. Of course when the wedding is said and done there will be photos, how-to’s and a budget breakdown but for now…we are well-under budget and the fun adventure of hunting down good finds continues. Happy Hunting!