Well, this feels off…

I realized the other day that something is off. Granted, Springtime is a time of hustle and bustle on all accounts. I don’t, by any means, have time to be “bored” yet I feel like something is lax. Then it hit me, I need to reignite myself. Life itself is a project and I can certainly say everyday is something new, sometimes welcomed and other times, well, not. I have felt like a chicken without a head and sometimes one without the energy to even try to find it. That’s when I decided to write, my default. Not just write but commit to writing. Our Frugal Project is an evolutionary one that continues overtime and I promise to document my lessons learned and notes worthy of sharing with those who care to read; but ultimately it’s time to transition this little project into something new. Something much less interesting than money saving and yet fearfully more intimate, me.

It’s a topic I’m not comfortable with but hence the need to do it. I don’t think it will be at all interesting, well some moments of documented crazy may be at the very least entertaining, but I want to validate this place in time. Secure my spot within it. So my next project, starting now is to document me. The ups, the downs, the intricacies; not in an egotistical or narcissistic manner but moreover in a transformative way that will (hopefully) allow me to look back at my 30 (eek!) year old self and say that’s where you started and this is where you are. I disclaim that to anyone who reads this, it may not be very interesting and at some points may be completely dull as shit but this is for, and about, me and my process of this crazy, humble, blessed, terrifying, manic and much loved life. If at some point I can uncover, re-discover, document or ignite even just one thing, it will be worth it.



One thought on “Well, this feels off…

  1. Proud of you Kerri. You need to read some Brene Brown books. Here is a quote to reflect on as you begin this new experience.
    Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced – even a proverb is not a proverb till your life has illustrated it.
    John Keats

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