Thursday; Dichotomy at its finest; Perspective at its best

IMG_4557Today was a long day (not as long as these poor baby birds had) but for me, it was one of meetings, really good and very productive ones but a full-day of meetings; sun up to sun down chaos, but a beautiful chaos. The sun was shining bright; my favorite summer sandals broke. I spent most of the afternoon professionally barefoot in/around my office. Shoe situation fixed. I rushed around this evening making dinner, cupcakes for school, and hustling out the door for after school/evening activities. All of which became a distant memory as I sat, rounding out my day with family, four of my favorite people, on a beautiful Carolina evening enjoying a sweet treat.

In retrospect this day was a dichotomy but the moments that stand out, are stand out moments. Watching my Madilyn stand among her peers in such a grown-up manner. Keeping perspective that while Charlotte is in a world all her own, it is one filled with sparkle and spunk and I’d have it no other way (I play this on repeat in my mind as she is carried flailing and screaming for more ice cream an hour past her usual bedtime. Declaring I AM NOT TIRED); having bare witness to a baby bird actually coming into life and last but certainly not least, falling in love with my husband all over in the “little” moments when I see him dance with his daughters, are all noteworthy moments, moments filled with quiet peace and gentle reminders of the sweet crazy and lovely dichotomy called my life.



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