It had to be THAT question

After a ridiculous day, I finally gave in. I retired to my VT sweatshirt and yoga pants-my go to attire for emotional and physical comfort. On our way to get Fro-Yo (the only kid-friendly therapy with any comparison to wine) I got asked THAT question from Madz. I should’ve known it was coming but it simply hadn’t come up yet. Of course I can always rely on my girls to turn my frown around- so I should’ve guessed something entertaining would happen but sure enough… tonight, I got the initial early childhood birth question. You know, the one that any modest mom fears; secretly hoping they will never ask and instead maybe figure it out in like 8th grade. Well, tonight I got it. Here’s a recap:

Madz: Mom, how did I come out?
Me playing dumb: what do you mean?
Madz: You know when I was born…
::::Long Pause:::
Me: ummm, well… to be honest, I pushed you out.
Madz: Like exercise?
Me: Suuurrrre, It was definitely exercise. We can call it that. Yes, exercise.
Madz: Did you stretch first?
Me: (laughing inside) umm..yes..I suppose there was plenty of stretching.
Madz: And the doctor was there?
Me: Yes.
Madz: And Daddy
Me: Yes,
Madz: And you just pushed me out?
Me: Yes

I waited for it…I knew it was coming..but thankfully at this point Charlotte was intervening with sing-song versions of the 50-nifty United States and we were right around the corner from our destination. Subject Change! I was able to divert her for the remainder of the evening but I know it won’t last. Soon the topic of labor exercises and stretching will be more specific and detailed. I’m not ready for it but I know it’s coming. Thankfully at least I know what direction to go in with it. Ultimately I blame Brent, in all regards (jk), but in this respect it’s her ability to link anything back to sports that’s impressive. Good thing I can handle my metaphors. Perhaps this will be easier (with Madz) than I thought. :::fingers crossed::::

Happy Thursday.


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