Date-Stamp, it happened.

I had to stay home today with Char because of an infected tick bite, no it’s not Lyme- thankfully, but 10 days post bite that is now the size of a walnut, we had to start some meds.

For most of the day, by choice, I worked from home because I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity and support to do so, but as mid-late afternoon approached I could tell she was wearing down so, I took advantage of a little something called naptime. To most this may seem like a norm, don’t all three year olds take naps? Yes, for the most part, but Charli-bear is not most three-year olds (neither here nor there) but we don’t usually allow naps at home because of her growling bedtime act. However, she does still take them at daycare. Of course, it being a Wednesday, I wouldn’t want to get her off routine too much, so I opted to be pro-nap 😉 The best part? I got to take one too! That’s right folks, it’s been years since this mama has had a good, uninterrupted naptime herself, but today it happened. I even woke up before she did, allowing me to squeeze in a little more work and some dinner prep.

The point? Never underestimate the power of a nap…at any age.



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