A week of living


It’s been an interesting week, to say the least. In the last seven days I have- hugged my very best friends in the whole world, been wrapped in the arms of a toddler, celebrated love, cried from pain, grieved loss, been panic stricken, moved to tears, kissed the man of my dreams, worked, studied, and slept very, very little (not by choice by reason of a mattress- but that’s another post). I’ve ‘adulted’ in every sense of the responsibility. I’ve prepped, planned, and primped everything from wedding plans to clogged drains; calendars to car seats and tired three-year olds to large Labradors. In short, this week I have lived.

When did life become so chaotic? Why didn’t Dr. Seuss tell us that this was going to happen? Maybe that was really what all those books were about and our frontal lobes were too underdeveloped to identify the linear equation in all the variables. I’ve been mentally and physically drained from all this “feel” stuff but let me tell you in the wake of yet another family loss I’m reminded that life is within us and I’m beyond grateful for the power and impact it has upon us.

Although this week has been compulsive it has not lacked stories, love and kindness. To the man who offered me a cherry licorice during my anxious plane induced anxiety attack; to my little girl who reminded me how much she feels loved, safe, cherished without comprehending the love she was providing in my heart; to the support of wellness and well being from strangers and old friends across miles; to my very best friends who bring me peace and provide for me acceptance in my craziest of moments; for the hug, the love and the laughs and those pesky tears too…thank-you.

All of this is living. All of this I am grateful. All of this is blessed.


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