When relaxing is the last thing you can do. #momconfessions

Well, I had every intention of posting last week when the family was visiting B’s hometown for the 4th. Little did I know that I completely stink at being home alone. “Relax.” “Enjoy some downtime.” “Sleep in.” That’s what everyone said to do. That’s what I was thinking I might do. That is not however, what I did.

I spent the first day worried and watching my phone, just to be sure they arrived safe and sound. Not that Brent wouldn’t. It wasn’t just the flight and the travel but the girls! #bravehubby I had made plans for day two and had a great day touring around the area and spending some quality time with one of my nearest and dearest. By day 3, I found myself sitting in my office, working. I should add, the office was closed in observance of the holiday; but I seriously had no idea what to do with myself. From there, it was all downhill. I begged the stock boy to dig out my favorite bottle of wine from the back, since the shelf was empty. Rented a movie, and was aiming to settle into a quiet Friday night. HA! At 8:30p I arrived (back) home from Lowe’s, got out the power drill, uncorked the wine, and began rearranging and decorating the girls’ rooms. I went through every toy we own and cleaned house! I took to making the rooms more functional, exciting and organized. Yes, both of them. By 1:00am the house was destroyed, the wine was gone and it was time for bed. Project incomplete.

This is only one example of how horrible I am at relaxing. This is also  an example of a little problem I have called: spending-loosely-on-those-I-love-when-they-aren’t-around. I may be the “cheapest wife on earth” but I have no problem justifying purchases for others. By Saturday I had also come to realize that I cannot cook for one. Blame it on the mom-status, although I prefer to claim my Sicilian roots, how do we feed just one?? Regardless, I avoided it…another poor budget choice. More of the weekend theme, projects, shopping, dining, adventures, too little sleep and too late nights and with bright and early mornings (without B here to make my coffee)- all to keep from the quiet. It was just too peaceful, almost to the point of erie.

That was the Eastcoast. On the Westcoast, my family was having a blast. They say they missed me but I don’t know if they had a moment to do so with all the fun 😉 And I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I’m so glad they had such a special Daddy/Daughter getaway and I certainly give big props to Brent. He is one rockstar Daddy to take both girls on a 4 hour plane ride and another 4-5 hr car ride from the airport to the majestic Crested Butte, Colorado. These are priceless memories with many firsts. Fishing, parades, plane rides, and it really got them excited to return for winter; big shout out to my stellar in-laws for making this trip so memorable for them all. Thank you for all that you continue to do!

From start to finish it was a long 6 days here in the NC but my heart is warm knowing the memories and experiences our wee ones got to have. In the future, I think I’ll plan a bit better in the area of doing nothing, and truly trying to relax. Although a 1- turned into- four hour brunch with a near and dear girlfriend is costly on the budget but rich in the soul and a perfect “remedy” for releasing many cares into a deep blackhole. This fun morning at the amazing Remedy Diner is quickly becoming one of my top Raleigh memories to date and just like the trip my family was on, completely priceless.

So what did I learn? Here are my takeaways from 6 days alone.

  • Wine and power drills lead to poor levels of productivity.
  • Facetime with a 3 year old is as dizzying as the Starship ride at the fall carnival.
  • Girlfriends are the best medicine.
  • Fireworks without family and kids aren’t much fun once you’ve experienced the wonder of colorful sparkles in the sky with them.
  • My internal clock needs to be replaced and the new one needs to have better control options.
  • Mom-time is great and all but I need them more than they need me.

Sorry to get mushy, blame it on the title. I’m going to go find the power drill now.




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