Day 3: College Reflection

If you could go back to college you would _____________.

Easy, if I could go back to college I would have 1. lived on campus with Ashley longer 2. worked less and played more and 3. I would have applied for scholarships (this one is the game-changer). Other than that my college experience rocked! Even in my missteps, and some of my cringe-worthy memories, I learned something. Playing softball longer would’ve been great but I wouldn’t have been able to get a life changing work-experience. Not getting fired as an RA would have been preferable, but I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to pledge Kappa Xi and meet the ladies I will retire in Florida with in 40 years. I wouldn’t have had the best roommate experience EVER with someone I still feel connected to today, or an awesome spring in the 1867 house. I wouldn’t have been forced to rent a cheap apartment and take a “summer gig” with a job (that became more like a family) where I met people who either are or led me to people who really are some of who I am closest to today, including my husband. In hindsight, that one bad choice was one of the best one’s I ever made.

Ultimately, there isn’t much I would change, probably anything really. If I have learned any single life lesson at my young age of thirty, it is that hindsight is 20/20 and all the pieces fall in-line. It is a strange path while you walk it, but the experiences and people make you who you are, good and bad.



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