Day 4: Fall Renovations

Cleaning with the seasons is for the birds. That’s what I decided today. Spring cleaning is one thing, bust open the windows and doors, play in the garden, bathe in the smell of fresh cut grass and sunshine; but fall and winter prep bleh!

We spent the better part of today, cleaning out closets, organizing winter wear, checking and replacing¬†smoke alarms, and draft-blocking the windows and doors. It legit feels like we are boarding up for a rough winter ahead. Don’t get me wrong, I love organization. It feels good to purge out the excess, get rid of the dust and dander, but it is exhausting. Thankfully, I didn’t go at it alone. Brent took on the shed and outdoor gear, Madz willfully helped me with the closets (she’s on a focused path to earning extra allowance, more about that tomorrow) and Charlotte, well Charlotte and Brody had an exciting afternoon together.

Overall it was a productive day at the Fowler Farm.



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