The most magical place on earth.

Typically Sunday is my day to sleep in, and by sleep, let me say I am a mom of two in a home <1200 sq ft with an 80lb dog and a wonderful husband trying desperately to control the chaos to give me an extra hour of R&R. Let’s be real I’m huddled in the comfort of my bed watching early morning Food Network in peace. All that aside, that was not today. This morning I was awake before the sun with my mind going crazy over a million different things. Narrowing it down to just one is hard but I thought I’d take to my blog to think one out and get it out of my mind, so here goes.

I don’t understand the world in which we live. My heart breaks for Paris, but it also breaks for Beirut, Japan and Baghdad, all of which experienced horrific attacks on Friday. As an American I find myself instantly transported back to Sept. 11 in the light of such events. Yet the worse (and more honest) part, I think our world has come to expect such attacks. You never know when they are going to happen but the frequency they have gained since 9/11 is beyond imaginable and humans are becoming more and more immune to them. We’ve lost the humanity in our society as a world. The controversy of controversy is more stimulating to many and that disgusts me. An American was killed in Paris and the news outlets have jumped on that story to claim our stake in the attack, but so were another 128 people. Thus being the point, they are PEOPLE. Horrific attacks and militant groups aside, the problem (IMO) is that we don’t care about people. We care about status. We care about arguing who is right rather than coming together for the better of the whole. The timing of such attacks is interesting in the state of the US with the 2016 presidential campaigns well underway, but politicians are the best example of precisely my point. I don’t mean to get on a tangent. I will not spark a political debate, in fact I’m the least political person out there, by choice; but what I am is human. A human trying to raise little humans to have the compassion and understanding they need to thrive and hopefully change their little piece of our big world. I could get lost in the fear of having kids in this world. I’ve had this conversation with many actually, but the fear of not having hope in future generations is far bigger. At least I can try, right?

I close with this, in 2006 I traveled to Paris. I stood beneath the Eiffel Tower as it sparkled and twinkled against the backdrop of the moon. I remember calling Brent from a payphone at the base, just to say I love you, because it truly embodied the love that the city is known for. Forget, Disney World, this was truly the most magical place on earth. I pray that they don’t lose that love, same with Beirut, Japan, and Baghdad; and just like America, that they all come together, united as one, supported by the world. Let us remember in our anger, in our hurt, and in the wake of the unimaginable that love is the heartbeat of humanity.



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