A REAL American Girl

Holiday marketing on point, an American Girl catalog showed up in our mailbox the other day. I’m not quite sure how we got on their distribution list but I can only imagine. I should lead by saying, we do not have these dolls. They are beautiful, well-kept and very expensive. My girls, whom I love with all my heart, are four and six years old and very, very good at it. I’ve said when they get older we can talk about it but not until then.

Well, Madilyn lit up like a Christmas Tree upon receiving this piece of mail. She thumbed through the catalog like it was the Toys R Us Big Book of Toys. The difference, she didn’t tear it apart like she does most. She didn’t write in it, she didn’t ask for each and everything she saw. Instead she read it closely, studying all of the different dolls and accessories. She even slept with it. That’s not the best part though.

The best part came when she, in her most grown up manner, asked me- completely unprompted- if she could do chores to earn the money to buy herself an American Girl doll. Pleasantly surprised by how grown up my little girl was/is, slightly taken aback but not stunned, I asked her what she thought that would look like? She had to do the math. How many chores a week? How many weeks? Which doll? etc. After figuring it all out, her response was epic, “mom, I’ve been doing chores for over 20 weeks, I can do at least 52. No problem.” I cannot argue with that. So I agreed. Before she went to bed she came in with a piece of paper, a written contract she’d drawn up.

It read,

“I, Madilyn Fowler, promise to do eight chores a week for one year to save up enough money for an American Girl Doll.” Signed and dated. lol

This little lady never ceases to amaze me. I’m so proud of the little girl she is, even in her “Madz” moments she is the first to be a helper. She is the best big sister and continues to prove each day how fast she is growing up. Admittedly, just her thinking of this little agreement is enough to make me want to use every last bit of my savings to buy her the doll she desires. However, as her mama, I know she will treasure it so much more when she accomplishes this self-challenge, which I know she will. Brent and I could not be more proud our very own American girl.



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